Radiography education in the spotlight

​Radiography Special Issue: Radiography education in the spotlight

Radiography has a strong tradition of publishing work related to radiography education. As the official journal of the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) and of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS), it supports the educational needs and research output of over 100,000 radiographers and 8,000 student radiographers across Europe and also further afield based on its global readership and international authors.

Varying professional roles, responsibilities, scope of practice, and health systems across Europe have led to diverse approaches to Radiography education which also provides a rich tapestry of innovative educational approaches. This special issue, Guest Edited by Jonathan McNulty (Associate Dean for Graduate Taught Studies and Head of Subject for Radiography, at University College Dublin and Vice President of the EFRS) together with Karen Knapp (University of Exeter), and Paul Brown (Cardiff University) puts Radiography education in Europe in the spotlight and covers the following topics;

• Best practice in radiography education

We explore curriculum design, clinical education, evidence-based and research-informed teaching, peer-assisted learning, student attributes and attitudes, patient care and professionalism, and approaches to educational research.

• Radiography education: the future

We consider whether programme outcomes are appropriate and our graduates ‘fit for purpose’. It asks what it takes to recruit and retain the very best radiography educators. It also considers whether Brexit will have an impact on radiography education.

Articles in this issue include; Editorial: Radiography education in the spotlight
McNulty, JP, Knapp KM, Brown P.

Clinical radiography education across Europe
 England A, Geers-van Gemeren S, Henner A, Kukkes T, Pronk-Larive D, Rainford L, et al.

Positioning end-of-life care education within the pre-registration therapeutic radiography curriculum: A survey of current practices amongst UK higher education institutions
White N.

The academic radiography workforce: age profile, succession planning and academic development
Knapp KM, Wright C, Clarke H, McAnulla SJ, Nightingale JM.

Opening the debate on MRI practitioner education - Is there a need for change?
Westbrook C.