Raising the Skill Level of the profession

​During the ISRRT Council held in Toronto in June 2012 concern was raised regarding the Skill Level at which the International Labour Organisation (ILO) had placed Radiographers and Radiological Technologists.

The ISRRT were instructed by Council, in co-operation with the European Federation of Radiographic Societies, to approach the ILO in order to raise the Skill Level.
The ILO revise their document at intervals and the next revision is due in 2018. For the revision process the ILO requires statistics to support a claim for raising the Skill Level of a profession and further to this both the ISRRT and the ERFS have been gathering information nationally and internationally.
Detailed surveys have been undertaken by both organisations, the results analysed and the resultant reports have been submitted to the ILO Statistics Department together with supporting documents.
For your information I have attached the letter sent to the ILO with the prepared documents and a progress report will be made during the Council meeting in Seoul in October this year. Also attached is a note on classification of Radiographers.
Thank you to all countries and organisations who submitted information relating to education and work practices.

Regards and best wishes
Dr Alexander Yule OBE, JP, DSc

 ILO Letter
 2014.04 David Hunter Note on classification of Radiographers in ISCO-08

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